Redes de Ensueño, A place in the World

Portrait de José Díaz Martínez

Some people are born linked to the place where they live, just like one more of the millions of cells of a harmonious being with solid roots. Others just wander from place to place, prying, sensing, experimenting… in a continuous searching process, until one day, they receive the calling, some kind of earthly connection that goes beyond the words. That is called finding a place in the world, your place. José Díaz is lucky to have found it in the fascinating Redes National Park, after spending half his life exploring the area and merging with its people.

From the moment he set his foot and his heart in this area, José has established a bond with it that goes beyond personal relationships. As Whitman may say, he has been able to see how deep it goes, to listen to its voices, to get to know its secrets and to discover the source of every poem. And José captures all this in his books "My cabin, my world", "Senses", "Entrances to paradise" and "One hundred days of solitude. Diary of an experience". With this same title, "100 days of solitude", José Díaz has also made a documentary produced by Wanda Films and TVE, the rights of which have been acquired by NETFLIX.

This is the fascinating universe that he would like to share: the warmth of his cabin and himself, a wide catalogue of fascinating and unusual experiences and the enchantment of the Redes Natural Park.