Redes de Ensueño, One hundred days of solitude. Diary of an experience, documentary film by José Díaz

The documentary "100 days of solitude" has been produced by Wanda Films and TVE, and the rights have been acquired by NETFLIX.

As if by divine grace, and without any intention of searching on my part, a few years ago Walden returned to my power or Life in the woods, Thoreau's wonderful book. As soon as I started reading it, I realized that, although evidently more humble, my experience in these last years in Networks had many points in common and obeyed interests very similar to those of the American thinker. Already in the final phase of my penultimate book, which I presented at the end of 2014, unconsciously beginning to think about future projects, I came up with the idea of trying to emulate, almost two centuries later, this great natural philosopher. I considered retreating into my cabin for a long period of 100 days, being self-sufficient and disconnecting myself absolutely from the real world and its advances. I had no electricity, no cell phone, no television, no internet, no clock ... Only me with nature.

The period for this confinement has been between September 12 and December 19, 2015. I chose this period because it is where the most changes in nature occur for the enjoyment of the spectators: days still summer, the autumn - the season par excellence in the mountains and forests of Redes, the harvest of nuts and berries, the bellowing of the deer, the first rains, the beautiful multicolored autumn and the fall of the leaves - until the month hardest of the year, in which the heavy snow cover the landscape and the light of day shines by its absence