Our Project, Redes de Ensueño

Cabaña de José Díaz en el Parque Natural de Redes

José’s friends and family members have long been enjoying the privilege of sharing his passion for nature and the way it has influenced each of them is what has made him want to develop this project, dreamscape Redes, that offers premium customized experiences. It is an original concept of homestay tourism that intends to provide unique and once-in-a-lifetime overnight stays in an incomparable setting and wonderful facilities. From there, guided by José himself, you will go into a magical world of unimaginable moments. These are exclusive and customized experiences designed for small groups and people who are able to appreciate such a gift. Every detail is meticulously taken care of and every visitor thoroughly looked after, so that they will leave touched, wishing to come back and to tell their friends about it.

In order to avoid disturbing the wild fauna or disrupting the natural conditions of their habitats, the number of visitors will be limited.

This initiative offers a type of tourism unprecedented in Asturias that will surely get to an exclusive and special range of public, able to understand its value as a quality shelter.