Amazing Places Pack

Amazing Places

Amazing Places: "There are places where the spirit blows", Maurice Barrés.

When I made the cabin the headquarters of my outings to the mountain, I decided to inspect every spot of its environment in a radius of about 5 or 6 hours on foot; places that could be visited in a day, with enough time to go and return calmly while enjoying with intensity. Year after year, I have been collecting a catalogue of sites based on their beauty, uniqueness and special magic, which are already an extension of the cabin and part of the scenario of my best experiences, because I have learned to capture the light of these places and the right moments. There is a place for each season, a spot for each moment, type of light or state of mind.

Human beings need pure experiences and to stimulate their senses, connecting with the earth and with other living beings, and dedicating a little of their time to introspection and meditation. Therefore, I would encourage you to enjoy this type of experience and discover those magical spots, in this dreamlike Asturias, and to experience your own moments of fulfillment. It is about those places where, more than the breeze, the spirit blows.

We recommend dedicating to this activity at least two days, preferably taking advantage of the afternoon of Thursday, the whole of Friday and Saturday morning, which are moments when there are almost no people in the bush.

The cost per day and per person is €245(VAT NOT INCLUDED), which include my guide services; and I will be happy to share with you my table and the hospitality of my cabin.