Forets Baths Pack

Forets Baths

Forets Baths: "Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree", M. Luther King.

The sounds of the forest, the aroma of the vegetation, the colossal presence of the trees, the light of the sun falling among the leaves, the pure oxygen-laden air and the energy that all this gives off, produce a deep sensation of well-being, eliminating the stress and worries, and helps us to relax and think more clearly. Contact with the virgin nature takes away our bad mood, revitalizes and rejuvenates us. We have experienced it over the centuries.

In Japan, in 1982, a national health program was created to practice forest baths. At present, there are already several countries that have made these therapies official, because the relationship of these baths (shinrin-yoku) with the improvement of health has been proven, since they reduce blood pressure, blood sugar and stress; improve cardiovascular and metabolic health, as well as concentration, memory and pain threshold; fight depression, help weight loss and boost the immune system, increasing the production of anticancer proteins.

In Redes Park, and especially around the hut, there are still primeval forests through which streams of pristine waters run. To be able to walk by them at any time of the year, is a privilege within the reach of few people, when the thickness of its branches prevents the sunlight from entering, when the ground is totally covered with leaves, or from the snow that changes the landscape and absorbs all the sounds, or in a full moon. Being able to feel silence and solitude is no longer possible except in places like this.

We recommend dedicating at least two days to this activity, preferably taking advantage of the afternoon of Thursday, the whole of Friday and Saturday morning, which are moments when there are almost no people in the bush.

The cost per day and per person is €245, which includes accommodation with me in the cabin, breakfast, lunch and dinner, and my guide services.